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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

12 months: complete

september 2010

Last year, in late September, I decided that I wanted the challenge of creating calendar pages. I started with October, doing a blog post featuring a lovely pumpkin image as a freebie calendar page. I wasn't sure this was something that anyone actually wanted, but since I personally like calendars, I went with the idea. They had a slow start, but these pages have proved to be quite popular with both my Flickr and blog friends and so, encouraged, I've kept at it. And now a full year has gone by! Twelve months, just like that. You can see all the calendar pages in my freebies set on Flickr; that's where my free textures live too.

This has been an ongoing adventure for me. Remember February? Somehow, I managed to completely eliminate Saturdays for the entire month. Martha was the first one to notice. Good eyes, Martha! Along the way I've experimented with size and layout style, with fonts and subject matter. It seems flowers and nature have been the dominant theme, which has been entirely unintentional. I've completely enjoyed challenging myself each month to create this freebie for you. And you. And you and you and you. And you, over there in the corner, the one who never, ever comments. You know who you are.

As always, just click on the image to be whisked away to its page on Flickr, where you can download the file size of your choice. Flickr has undergone a makeover so, if you haven't been there for a few weeks, you may find the new look a tad strange. Here's how to navigate your way around the new layout: after you click on the image above, click on the Actions link (which you'll see right above the image), then click on View all sizes. You can download any of the sizes shown but I recommend you choose Original; it has the highest quality. Enjoy!


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Oh my gosh! Has it already been A YEAR???? I have a bit of catching up to do :) Love this one.

martha brown said...

Well, maybe not a good eye, but a good appreciation of weekends :)

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