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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Paris giveaway!

While the idea of whistling off to Paris on the next flight is mighty appealling, for many of us it's just an impossibility right now. In the meantime, while we're dreaming about the City of Light, how about a chance to win some cool Parisian ephemera? Interested? Of course you are!

As many of you know, Carmi Cimicata is our local go-to gal for all the info about the artsy side of Paris. Her new blog, Art Girl's Guide to Paris, is just the spot to soak up some local Paris colour and order a copy of her new book, a guide to Paris for the artistically-inclined. And now she's having a giveaway! Alas, it is not a trip to Paris, but for those of us who hoard collect paper ephemera, this is the next best thing. Carmi is giving away 10 packages (10!) of vintage Parisian ephemera along with other goodies like beads and rhinestones. You can get the details here, but you'd best hurry on over as I think she's only keeping this open for a few more days. Good luck!

Having never been to France (heck, I've never been to Europe even), I obviously couldn't illustrate this post with one of my own photographs. But I could create a collage. It was concocted using an old hotel luggage tag and postcard, both found online, plus the birds are from a brush set from Shadowhouse Creations. The texture is my own, as is the Eiffel Towel brush (which I created using a photograph Leslie took in Paris, which she generously shared with me) as welll as the "dream" clipping mask. (There are lots more clipping masks like this one, which will soon be available for you to purchase. News to follow in the near future!)


nacherluver said...

Oooooh! Thanks for sharing! Running over to enter now.

Carmi said...

Thank you thank you thank you! Such a lovely post!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

I love it when you do what you do! This is a particularly wonderful piece.

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