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Monday, August 30, 2010

Diptych for DeadBetty

As I have shared with you, I've been on a scanning spree. One of my scanned photos -- the local Fox Theatre, circa April 1977 -- made its way into my Flickr galleries, where it was spied by one of my Flickr friends, the talented DeadBetty (or Lisa, if you prefer). She left an enthusiastic comment that I just couldn't resist.

What did she write? This:
oooh go take a picture of what it is now and diptych it!!! DO IT NOW DO IT DO IT DO IT

So..........................I DID IT.

Yes, while the captain and I were out and about earlier today, running errands and grabbing lunch, I informed him we needed to take a specific route home, so I could grab a photo of this local landmark. We still live in east-end Toronto so it wasn't much of a detour. I then discovered my purse camera was just about out of juice and fretted I wouldn't get the shot, but luckily I was able to grab a few pictures before the battery completely died. Once home, I did a little photoshopping and the diptych was done. (Just click on the image above to see it a bit bigger than you see here.) I had to rely on memory to try to stand in an appropriate spot to get a picture similar to the one I shot more than 33 years ago, and I'm pleased with the results.

What amazes me is that the passing of time has wrought such little change. Yes, the bank is now a health food store and the Fox has changed its sign, but the architecture is still very much the same. In a city where everything seems to be torn down rather than restored, it's refreshing to see that some things are the same.

Well.....almost the same.


Bea said...

I love it. You have to wonder who finally complained about the part of the theater sign that went straight up in the air and in front of somebody's room. Was it the flashing lights that got to them or did lightening hit it? lol Maybe the person who lived in the room took a chain saw to it! :)Bea

Leslie Jane Moran said...

I can't believe you got this shot! I think you even got a similar vehicle in the foreground! I wish I could see what was on the Marquis!
Wonderful. Thanks DeadBetty, great idea :)

Lost Aussie said...

Fabulous to see the two images together Incredible really how little it has changed!

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