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Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Summer Vacation: road trip

The current theme over at Shutterday is "What I Did On My Summer Vacation". Our vacation this summer took place right at the beginning of the season, our family road trip down to Florida during the last two weeks of June. I did blog along the way, but I took so many photographs on the journey that this challenge is the perfect impetus for me to do a recap and share some more road-trip pictures.

To begin, we crossed into the U.S. at the Windsor/Detroit border the morning of June 13th, but a huge construction detour necessitated a drive through Detroit for several miles before being able to get onto the interstate. After a mile or two I realized we were in a fairly gritty area of the city and I was missing several great urban photographic opportunities, so I grabbed the camera out of my purse and took my first pictures of the vacation. I'm so glad the captain is considerate of my photograpic obsession and keeps the windshield as clean as possible. (Thanks, dear!) Above, one of the sights we observed on the drive. I must say, the detour certainly doesn't show Detroit at its best.

After a few hours on the highway, south of Dayton, Ohio, we drove by "Touchdown Jesus". Okay, that isn't what this religious statue is really called, but according to our I-75 guidebook, that's what the locals call it. It's huge.
We spent the night in Corbin, Kentucky, and in the morning drove through the town before getting back on the highway. I just can't resist photographing signs and buildings, especially bars and restaurants. Old Gerry's was just one of the many establishments I captured.
Shortly after getting back on the highway, we left Kentucky behind and entered Tennessee. Fog and low clouds were abundant that morning.We took an "on-purpose" detour off the highway at Jellico, Tennessee. Instead of a high climb, we enjoyed a scenic valley drive. We've taken this alternate route before and always enjoy it. The church pictured in THIS POST was in that valley; you'll see another Detroit photo in that post as well.

While heading south through Tennessee, we pulled off the highway just north of Sweetwater to get gas and a cold drink. A poster in the store window informed us we were a day late for the rodeo. Damn! I would have loved to check out a small-town Southern rodeo; that's just not something to be found here in Toronto.
We spied the "just married" car as we crossed from Tennessee into Georgia. And, a few hours later, we were totally off the highway and quite comfortable in Savannah for the night. Well, except for the early morning wake-up, that is.

Day three (my birthday!) and we soon hit our final destination: Florida! We stopped at the welcome centre, then made a stop for lunch and, finally, reached our condo. A great road trip that was the beginning of a great vacation!


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Isn't it a shame that you are not in school now? What great marks you would get for this account!

Garry Brei said...

Our family (well, mostly my wife) also take pictures of the scenery whenever we're on a road trip to various cities. This is so we can keep track of the places we went to, as if we have a huge map of America and every city we went to has a picture attached (just like what we did when we drove to West Hollywood to see the "Pacific Design Center"). But before all that fun, I have my auto maintained at a repair shop to ensure that there won't be any event of me getting totally vexed when it breaks down in the middle of the trip.

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