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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some photoshop fun

I have good news. The humidity broke! And frankly, I hope it stays broken. It's so nice to not walk into a wall of heat every time I open a door and go outside.

The captain and I have just been relaxing, enjoying the fact that we have nothing to do. For me, that means goofing around in Photoshop each evening. I am just starting to get used to my new toy, Photoshop CS4. One of the big differences between Elements 6 and CS4 is Actions. Elements 6 does not support them (although Elements 7 does) so I have never played around with them before. I recently discovered that the Pioneer Woman offers two sets of Actions in the Photography section on her site and so I downloaded them and have been focusing on those as I learn these new tricks.

For those who are Elements users and unfamiliar with Actions, they are a series of steps all combined into just one click. They really shine when they involve a long, complicated procedure that would be a royal pain to repeat every time you wanted to try a specific effect. Many of the Pioneer Woman's Actions offer interesting special effects and I certainly appreciate her effort in creating them and her generosity in sharing them. I do tweak them for my purposes -- sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.

It's so nice to have this downtime to just play around! Above are some of my recent photographs, all receiving at least a little Action!

Top, Detroit. Next, the Elk Valley First Baptist Church in Tennessee. Next, a surfer girl at Sebastian Inlet, Florida. Last, Crooked Mile Cemetery on Merritt Island, Florida.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Thank you for this very interesting post. I shall have to investigate "actions" and read up on the possibilities. Thanks also for the hat tip to Pioneer Woman...that's a really neat site! Hope you are having a wonderful rest and getting lots of inspiration.

Susan Williamson said...

I keep returning to look at your photo of Elk Valley First Baptist Church. There's just something about it that makes me want to write a story.
P.S. Thanks for the Actions link.

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