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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rolling on down the highway

Greetings from Savannah, Georgia -- one of the prettiest cities in the United States. We arrived here early this evening and will head off to Florida in the morning. We've been on the road for two days, spending last night in Corbin, Kentucky. I did intend to do a blog post last night but I was just tooooo tired. Our adventure got off to a rough start Saturday morning: before we even made it to Windsor I was suddenly and unexpectedly ill. A long delay at a rest stop ensued and finally I was able to get myself together and we headed on our way. That was an unfortunate setback, but we've been having a great time nevertheless.

One of the many reasons I love a road trip is that you never know what you'll see; every trip is different, even when the journey is familiar. For example, we spotted the "just married" car today not long after we crossed into Georgia. On the driver's side of the car it says, "Florida or Bust", and on the passenger side, "Wild Times Ahead". We peeked into the car as we drove past it and the bride was in the front seat, head propped on a pillow, sound asleep. Wild times indeed! I thought about taking her picture but decided to just photograph the car. I really don't take people photographs very often!


Susan Williamson said...

I had to laugh about the bride being asleep. It reminded me of going to see Cirque du Soliel in Vegas. In the audience was a bride and her wedding party (but no sign of the groom). Very strange.
P.S. I do hope you're feeling better Lennie.

nancy said...

hope your b-day was great!

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