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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Inspire Me Thursday: Green

This morning I checked the Inspire Me Thursday web site, curious about this week's challenge. When I saw "green", I knew I was in trouble -- not from lack of material, but from an overload! A quick peek at my Flickr photo galleries revealed many photographs that I have tagged with green. I thought about creating a montage of green, like I did last year with yellow. I thought about one of my numerous nature photographs. I even thought about it over lunch, which was a bowl of homemade green split pea soup -- I (briefly) contemplated getting the camera and photographing my meal.

Somehow I ended up perusing the hundreds of photographs I took in January at Savannah's historic and eerily beautiful Bonaventure Cemetery, eventually deciding to try a photoshop experiment (different textures, different blending modes...) on one of them, a recent technique I've been trying out using many different colour variations.

Even in January the cemetery was rich with green without my (photoshop) assistance -- both the hanging grey-green spanish moss and the dark green decay on many of the older stone images contributing to the verdant display there -- but I must say, I'm pleased with the results of my experiment!


tangled stitch said...

I'm a hand embroidery artist and love to use the color green just about every day too(I do throw some other colors in there just to keep me from boredom). I smiled when I read the overload comment. I love your entry it is very lovely and very green!

ELK said...

she is beautiful ~such a feeling

Lori Forester said...

Lovely photograph! I like how you manipulated the colours to show shades of green, almost like there is a wash across the photo.

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