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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rhoda's Dendron

The challenge theme this week over at Inspire Me Thursday is "yellow". I cannot think of this colour without remembering one of the classic episodes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, "Mary Richards and The Incredible Plant Lady". (No, I did not remember the episode title. Google did.)

The plot revolves around a loan that Mary gives Rhoda so that she can open a plant/flower shop, Rhoda's Dendron. The shop is successful, but Rhoda does not appear to place any priority on repaying Mary. Long story short, Rhoda surprises Mary with a car as repayment of the loan ... a yellow convertible. Mary blurts out, "I hate yellow!" It is Georgette who convinces Mary that yellow is a beautiful colour, and all ends well.

Many of the show's episodes continue to stick with me -- Mary Richards was truly a role model for young women of my generation -- and although this one is about friendship and money and how the two sometimes intertwine, it's "the yellow episode" in my mind. Which leads me to the above montage, just a few of the yellow highlights in my vast portfolio of artwork and photos.


Karen Mowrey said...

what a fun story behind your take on the theme! I like it, it looks "swell"

laurel said...

Great yellow photo collage!

kazumiwannabe said...

I love that - great composition!

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