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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just call her Destructo

Both of our previous dogs, Madison and Terra, were very hard on their toys. Tippi is definitely following in their footsteps. (Pawprints?)

You may recall a very cute photograph I posted of Tippi a few days ago, with a red and white vinyl toy. Much to my amusement now, I titled that blog post, This toy is still in one piece. Silly me. This is what the toy looked like last night:

Yes, she was in the midst of demolishing it. By the time we went to bed, this is all that was left:

Fast forward to this morning. Here's what was going on in my house:

And later today, this:

And in case you're interested, she finished her demolition project this afternoon.

Indestructable toys. Right now, I heart indestructable toys.


Casey said...

Your dog is beautiful! Aren't they a handful?? My first dog when I was a kid was named Tippi.

Leslie Jane Moran said...

This is sooooo funny!

irenka said...

O.K. I've keep reading about Janet Evanovich. So today went out a found one in my stack of stuff to read. I'll let you all know how I like it.

martha brown said...

I have destructo boy -- the only toy he can't destroy is his kong, but they aren't too fun to chew. Let me know if you find some fun indestructables!

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