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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Always up for a challenge

It's all about the journey

There are several blogs I read with regularity, with Marie Otero's Lost Aussie on the Loose being one of them. Yesterday, she passed on an intriguing challenge she found at a blog new to me, Kate Heshan's This Disordered Life. The challenge? Take a background Kate created and just run with it. Do your own thing. Create!

Kate says:
One of the things that most fascinates me about art is how you can have a group of about thirty people give them the same task and they all come up with something different. It's amazing.
This is a collage and paint background i created. I was about to work over it but then i wondered what other people would do with it. So if you have the time, download this image and work your magic with it. Just remember to show us what you do!

This was a challenge right up my alley! I started in on this last night but it took me three times, with three totally different pieces of art, before something just clicked and I realized I was finally creating something I wanted to keep.

So I pass the challenge along. If you create something too, make sure to pop by This Disordered Life and post your link! Here's the background:


Lost Aussie said...

Hey this came out great Lennie, love what you did with it!

irenka said...

Mmmmmmm! Love it.

John said...

I like it much - it jumps - less blue tranquil. Thanks for your comments.

notmassproduced said...

loving your take on this. thanks so much for taking part. you've got a great blog...i'll be back!

Coffee Messiah said...

Great transformation!


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