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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gnomes, yes; Clowns, no

Sue wants clowns. She stated so in the comments section on the one-and-only clown photograph I've posted on my blog; she reiterated that request in the comments section on my blog posting yesterday. And she's told me many times, too.

But Sue knows that I find clowns creepy. Nevertheless, I combed through my photographs this afternoon, thinking that surely, somewhere, I had other clown photographs. After all, I take pictures everywhere. But my search was in vain.

So I offer up gnomes instead. Not clowns, I know, but the best I could do. I will keep my eyes open for clown opportunities though. If they pass my way, I will photograph them. Promise.


nancy said...

is that the knome from cemetery in whitevale?

Susan Doerntlein said...

Thanks Lennie for thinking of me, that was so thoughtful.
l think the knome is cute but not a clown.......;]
l have plenty of time to wait for the clown's and l know that you will get that perfect shot as you always do.......

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