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Thursday, April 9, 2009

But is it silly?

The challenge over at Photo Theme for Thursday is silly; it sounds easy but I found it quite difficult. Sure, I have photographs of lots of funny signs, but that's staying in my comfort area and I wanted to get out of that zone. Looking through photographs on my hard drive, I came across the photos I took at the Port Perry fair last year. One of the suggested subjects for silly over at PTFT was clowns and as I looked at the images, I found several photos I took of a garbage can with a clown head. Perfect.

Except. Except that I don't find clowns silly, I find them creepy. Even macabre at times. They give me the willies -- they don't look friendly and funny, they look like serial killers in disguise. Really. So I worked on the photo, but I don't think I was able to make it amusing. But it is a clown and so I guess on some level, for someone, it's silly. Not to me though.


Sue.D. said...

Clowns are interesting. Every clown has a different look about them. l will say this made my day as l do like to collect clowns and look at old clowns and new clowns. Old clowns have a totally different look then the modern day clown.More clowns Please ;]

Sue.D. (By the Bluffs)

Debbi Baker said...

I'm with you - I rarely find clowns "silly" and mostly think they are creepy! But I like your photo - I like the wear and tear!!

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