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Friday, July 10, 2009

PhotoArt: Discarded

It's always wonderful to receive a package in the mail and it's extra-special when it's the new book from my Photo Art Journals group. The theme is Discarded, a topic open to such a wide range of interpretation. My copy arrived in the mail this week and it was a delight to slowly savour each and every page; the participating artists did not disappoint!

My contribution is above; as always, click on it for a better viewing experience. I went back and forth so many times when trying to choose what to include, but when I realized I had photographs of two different discarded chairs, both left at the curb, I knew my search was over. I typically do not do any extensive photoshopping on the images I submit to the group, but decided selective colouring was the way to go for both these photos.

The quotation reads:

do you watch
from the curb
as the world
passes by
you might get in
its way
--ann mortifee

As always, a world of thanks to the talented Catherine Anderson -- the creative genius who makes belonging to this group such a pleasure!

1 comment:

Susan Williamson said...

Even though I belong to Catherine's yahoo group, I've never actually participated in an exchange, so it was great to see a sample. Love how you highlighted the seating's very effective.

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