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Thursday, July 16, 2009

At my birdfeeder

Outside of my living room window, hanging off the front porch, there is a simple wooden birdfeeder. Well, sometimes it's a "squirrel feeder"; other times, it's a "raccoon feeder". And when it's received numerous visitors, it's an empty feeder.

I have noticed numerous blue jays flitting around both our front and back yards this summer. That's such a welcome sight from a few years ago, when they all seemed to disappear. I managed to get this photograph from inside my living room before this handsome fellow flew off -- ask anyone, I have the worst luck trying to get decent bird photographs; they always seem to sense the camera and quickly fly away from me -- and then had a little photoshop fun with it.


irenka said...

great shot, I have the same luck. I had a couple of little yellow birds in my garden this morning, alas my camera battery died. Love what you did in Photo shop.

Jenny Lerew said...

That's a beautiful piece. Love what you did with it. In fact I love all the work I've just seen here(the one with the red/white dog toy firmly in mouth is esp. terrific).
Just bookmarked you & very glad to have found your blog.

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