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Sunday, July 19, 2009

The opportunity to experiment

Even when I go gangbusters with my art, it's so easy to come to a thudding halt and experience a total creative block. Take the past few days, for example. I've been working away on a few different projects and even managed to get some new work uploaded to my Flickr site. But today? No inspiration to be found.

But I knew where to turn. Every Friday, Art Creations Friday posts a background or photo (usually vintage) and the challenge is simply to create something with it. I don't always participate but every Friday I do have a look and download the image. And so this evening I brought up Friday's photograph and just went at it, no holding back. It's such a relief to have the opportunity to experiment with no pressure whatsoever. If I don't like what I create, I just don't post it.

I do like what I came up with tonight and so happily share it here. It's a combination of the challenge image, multiple textures, a layout template I downloaded months ago, and a page of old text. Please click on it to see it full-sized. I do believe that creative block has been lifted!


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