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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Forgotten art

The captain and I were watching the hockey game tonight, but I confess my attention was more on my computer screen than the television screen. I was looking through some folders of my artwork and I came across the above image, labelled "unfinished". So I opened it up and looked and for the life of me, I don't know what else I intended to do to it. Whatever those past thoughts, right now I like it just the way it is. If you'd like to see an unaltered close-up of the drugstore sign, have a look in my Tennessee photo gallery. And if you have a moment, have a look through your own folders on your computer. You too might find some forgotten art!


Lost Aussie said...

Looks pretty good to me Lennie..and yes, I have quite a few "unfinished's" hanging around in my folders, so you are not alone!

irenka said...

I don't put my in folders, they are stacked in my living room, "Canvases or wood pieces", just in case I have a brilliant idea to finish the. Love what you've done. I think you can mark it finished.

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