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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The citified talisman tree

These Talisman Trees have given me some odd moments, with this one perhaps being the oddest. You see, I envisioned this piece of artwork as I was trying to fall asleep a few nights ago. Saw it in my minds-eye, clear as glass. I saw the outline of the tree, saw the city skyline behind it, saw the colours and tones and shades. It was just so weird.

So I set out to recreate it. While I often have ideas on how I'd like a finished project to look, those ideas are typically quite general, while the artwork I imagined was quite specific. It's a bit eerie, but today's Talisman Tree is just about dead-on to my "vision".


Susan Williamson said...

I searched your blog for "talisman" and it was so interesting to see the progression from 1 to 10. Actually it's not a progression, it's more like the spokes of a wheel. You have a symbol that you're creating visual poems for. They all work together, and yet each one is distinct.

Susan Williamson said...

You're not going to believe this, but my word verification was "blesses" ...this has to be the best one ever!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

As we were following our GPS- diverted route through the back roads of Ontario last weekend, I spied, in a perfectly tilled farmers field standing in the middle by itself, a "Lennie" tree. I said "Oh! There's a Talisman Tree!" The Professor thought I was spotting a new species or something. Had he not seen the other 9??? If the definition of "Talisman" that you are thinking of was "to bring good luck" and "keep away evil" we proceeded along the road, quite dependent on "Lola"- the woman in the box, our path was stopped by a giant TREE that had fallen over the road...luckily it had fallen AFTER the huge wind storm we had been driving through, and not WHILE we were under it. The Lennie Talisman tree was somewhere between Brighton and Warkworth.

Now I actually LOOK for Talisman trees :)

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