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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nature's perfume

It was an amazingly cold day, not just here in the city but all across the province. It snowed in Huntsville! On the last day of May! What happened to global warming?

My tummy was warmed up though by a delightful Thai meal cooked up by one of the captain's co-workers. Yes, homemade Thai! I was lucky enough to be the beneficiary of some workplace leftovers: salad rolls with dipping sauce, pad thai and green curry chicken with rice. It tasted even better than it sounds! As a thank-you, I have a batch of brownies in the oven as I type this. Just paying it forward!

It was too cold today to do anything outdoors so I played around in photoshop this afternoon. These beautiful lilacs are now past their prime, but a few days ago when I took the photograph in my back yard they were at their fragrant best. I love the smell of lilacs so much that I will buy just about any scented home or bath product if the fragrance is anywhere near the real thing!

I posted a "softer" version of this image in my photo galleries, you can see it HERE. All I did was use the sepia filter on it, almost full strength. I think I like that one a little better. What do you think ... this one or the one on Flickr?


Shelly said...

Hi Lennie !!
Thanks for finding my blog. Always love to meet new artists.
Your photos are lovely, really like the lilacs and LOVE the talisman tree.
Will be visiting you again soon.
All the best,

irenka said...

I like the Flickr photo as an art piece, but the photo in the blog looks like "home". Lilac were a huge part of our garden when I was growing up, I don't have any in mine so thank you for sharing yours.

Shayla said...

Hi Lennie, Both versions of the lilacs are beautiful. The colors in this one are intense and that feels passionate to me. The other version feels older, perhaps a step back in time.
I like what you're doing with the tree series. Number one is just gorgeous! It has lots of atmosphere. Also liked six and seven for the lines and for the colors on number four. BTW, you were musing earlier about why seven is lucky. For some people, seven is a lucky number because in the bible it symbolized heavenly perfection.
*Blue Skies*

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