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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Myrtle, Mary and Martha

In my last post I told you about our futile efforts to find a specific historic cemetery. I told you how we tried our best but could not locate it, but that I had discovered better directions and we would try again. Well, this is SO embarrassing. Yes, we set off again to find it and...guess what? Not only were we close, but we actually drove right by the entrance. Twice. In our defence, it was a narrow residential street off the main road that had an unexpected equestrian facility complete with hurdles and as we drove down this street, our eyes were naturally drawn to it. "Look at that," we both said. Driving back up the street after turning around at the bottom, we again looked at the horses as we drove by. So, of course, you guessed it -- the small cemetery is directly across the street from this equestrian area. The captain and I couldn't believe both of us missed it. Ah well, to be expected when you explore.

This cemetery is really something. It is supposedly haunted and while we didn't see any ghosts (I don't think they come out on sunny afternoons), I was a little creeped out by how spongy the grounds were, as if I was going to sink down...down...down any minute. I also learned on google that it goes by two names: Georgiana Cemetery and Crooked Mile Cemetery, which was part of the problem in finding specific directions as I thought it was called Georgiana Graveyard. You wouldn't think that would matter, cemetery or graveyard, but it does. This little graveyard also has no sign of its own, nor are there any markings or signs on any of the surrounding streets indicating it's there. It's like this little secret.

There were several old tombstones, but the one above particularly caught my eye. I typically do not visit cemeteries to photograph tombstones, as it seems like an invasion of privacy to me. However, when they are unusual or historic I will capture their image -- and the sad one above is both. It first caught my eye as my grandmother's middle name was Myrtle, but then I read the whole thing and was almost overwhelmed. Did these little girls die in a fire? A capsized boat? Some other type of accident? It's a tragic mystery.

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