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Friday, February 6, 2009

Getting off the beaten path

Maybe I was an explorer in a past life. I love getting off the main drag and checking out what the side roads offer. Today the captain and I had a small itinerary: first stop, a rummage sale at a local seniors' centre in a private, gated community we've been curious to see; second stop, an old church and historic cemetery I had read about online, located on a back road we had never driven down; third stop, lunch; fourth stop, another historic graveyard I had found online, albeit with limited information.

First stop, a success. We spent just six bucks and walked out of the community centre with two bags full of stuff, including lots of old sheet music. Second stop, a huge success. Not only did we find the church and cemetery -- small but very photogenic, including a few graves of men who had served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War -- but much to my delight, an abandoned farmhouse was directly adjacent to the church's property. The farmhouse and crumbling sheds were separated from the road by barbed wire, but I was able to walk right up to the wire and capture many photographs. Above is one of the abandoned sheds. A real photographic goldmine.

Lunch was a success too: homemade cheeseburgers at a local small cafe that's only open for breakfast and lunch. The captain and I couldn't resist the homemade peanut butter pie for dessert and I was tickled to discover chunks of chocolate in the filling. Yum. And only $2.75 per slice -- try to find that in Toronto for homemade pie!

Unfortunately, our fourth stop was not a success -- try as we might, we could not find the second historic graveyard, even though we were positive we were in the right vicinity. Finally we said 'uncle' and headed back to the condo, where I did more research online and eventually hit pay dirt. It turns out we were oh-so-close. We now have quite specific directions and a future adventure awaits.

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