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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pups just wanna have fun

Dogs are not allowed on the beach here. It's right on the signs, a bylaw no-no. And we were told last year that this was heavily enforced. We guessed that was true since we hardly ever spied any dogs on the beach last February. But this year we've seen several. They have such fun and I think if we were down here with a dog, I'd cheat on that bylaw too.

I took this photograph late this afternoon after the captain noticed the two playful pups (mother and baby?) and I worried that even with my strong zoom, I'd get lousy photographs of the two frolicking at the ocean's edge. They were pretty far up the beach from our balcony and even though I hoped they'd come closer, they never did.

Some of the images aren't very good, but a few are definitely keepers. With this one, I cropped in tight and applied a painterly effect with ps. Click on the photo to see it bigger (which you can do with all the photos I post here on my blog). I'm quite pleased with how it all turned out. I hope the dogs would be too!

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