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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our alligator alley

Back in 2007, the captain and I were here in Florida, driving around, and just as I complained, "All these years coming here and I've never seen even one alligator...," we glanced into a ditch and there was one, large as life. A little further down the ditch, another. How we could have constantly missed them is beyond me, but we don't miss them anymore. There is one section of Merritt Island where we always see several alligators every time we drive along; it's our own personal "alligator alley". But today was special, as we spotted not one but two alligators right beside each other, catching some rays. Even with my zoom, it was difficult to get them both in the photo, but I tried my best. I also thought I saw a bald eagle, which do have nests here, but after a second drive-past, we think it was a falcon. We also saw an armadillo as well, rooting around in the grass. It was an Animal Planet day.


Susan Williamson said...

Thank you for sharing your Florida adventures with us Lenore. It's like taking mini-vacation every time I visit your blog, and the picture of alligator alley was impressive ...but scary!

Lost Aussie said...

Great pic, but you can keep the wildlife in your back garden thanks :-))))!
Glad you are having a relaxing time.

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