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Friday, April 11, 2008

My Life with Windows Vista, Chapter One

I can feel it in my bones. Windows Vista is going to be two steps forward/one step back for the next little while. Although to be fair, not all the hair-pulling is Vista's fault. Take Homestead's SiteBuilder software for example. I use it to design my web site. It used to be wonky and crashed all the time. But lately, it's worked just fine. Until yesterday, that is, when I discovered it just won't work right on this new computer. Installation was a chore, but at least I got that far. I haven't called Homestead's Help Desk yet, but their web site offered no clues, and the forums there are full of frustrated Vista users. Is it Vista's fault, or is Homestead way behind on updating the program? Given SiteBuilder's past history, I hesitate to place all the blame at Vista's feet.

On the plus side, I installed Photoshop (I currently use Elements 6, although I am contemplating the move up to CS3) this evening, and it seems to work fine. Fingers crossed on that one.

And after much cursing while mucking about in Windows Mail, I discovered I had made two typos and the reason it wouldn't work was totally my fault. My bad.

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