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Monday, August 19, 2013

From here to ipernity

For anyone perusing through my older posts, I apologize for the absence of some of the images. I have been unhappy with the direction that Flickr has been taking under its new management and, after much thought, have changed the status of the majority of my photographs there from Public to Private (my textures, however, are still Public). This change has unfortunately caused any images in my blog posts that were linked to my Flickr account to disappear.

Through other disgruntled Flickr users -- and there are so many! -- I learned of a similar site called Ipernity and I am currently in the process of slowly migrating my Flickr photos to my new Ipernity account. It is quieter there, and friendlier, and most important, users are offered choices rather than the like-it-or-lump-it attitude now prevailing at Flickr.

When you have a moment, please pop by. My Flickr account contains almost 2,000 images and while I won't be moving them all over to Ipernity, I do want to move the great majority of them and that certainly is a project that will take some time!


Lost Aussie said...

iPernity looks interesting. I have to say I dont visit Flickr much until recently and have a lot of trouble wrapping my head around the screen full of images. Very overwhelming.

Iris said...

This is great!

GreenAsJade said...

Moving from flickr is easier and quicker now you can do it by set. Worth a look, if you haven;t already.

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