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Monday, June 17, 2013

Country roads

Every year, I try to do something different on my birthday. The captain and I have shuffled off to Buffalo, we've headed out north-east of the city for a country drive, I've been to Prince Edward Island, our family even had a middle-of-the-night fire alarm adventure in Savannah. That was certainly memorable!

On Saturday, the captain and I once again took a day-long birthday road trip, this time heading north-west out of the city. It was the perfect opportunity to test my new 18-200 lens, a wonderful gift from the captain (along with a beautiful 101 Dalmatians snow globe!!). This lens has an "active" button right on its side, which apparently was designed specifically for the drive-by shooting style that I favour.

After a day of yard sales, farm markets, small towns and rural roads, I was exhausted and satisfied. A great day that culminated with Mexican food at Newmarket's Made in Mexico. I don't recommend either their margaritas (made from a mix and too sweet) or visiting on a Saturday night (loud and crowded), but both the captain and I enjoyed our food and I left so stuffed I couldn't even order dessert. No dessert on my birthday--that must be a first! I have had better Mexican food -- it was Tex-Mex rather than authentic Mexican -- but our enchiladas were fresh and tasty and the side dishes were excellent. I wish I had thought to take photos!

Speaking of photographs, these images are all from Saturday's road trip; click on them to embiggen. I shoot both JPG and RAW; these were all edited using RAW in CS6. The bottom two photos were both shot from the car; this new lens handled well and is definitely a keeper!

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Leslie Jane Moran said...

Belated Birthday wishes! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. So glad you got the lens you wanted. The pictures are fabulous.

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