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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yet another iPhone post

Please forgive this obsession. It's just that this darned iPhone takes the coolest photographs. None of these have been altered whatsoever, except to add the blurb beneath them as well as a watermark; they're straight from my iPhone.

Above, a photograph I took last week as I got out of Nancy's car down on Queen Street East, near Logan, when we headed down to The Roy for a great lunch. I used the Toy Camera app, set on random the Hipstamatic app for that shot. (Note to self: When under the weather, triple-check your blogging before you post!) Below, The Roy's wallpaper, using the QuadCamera app.

And isn't this last one just the coolest?

We all have Nancy to thank for this app: KaleidoVid. You thought the other apps were addicting? Wait until you try this one!

Wondering what I had photographed? My leggings!

(My bad. I have been out of sorts for several days now and I should have checked over this blog post before I let it go live. The photograph of the bicycle was taken with the Hipstamatic app, not Toy Camera. I knew that, so why didn't I get it right the first time? Blame it on this foggy brain. Also, Blogger won't let me change any photos or make them any bigger than "medium". I am SO not impressed.)


nancy said...

once i find my way out of "APPland"
i will take some photos!!!
p.s. love the new banner

Lost Aussie said...

Loving your iPhone photos - all the apps are so addictive!

magpie said...

i'm thinking of starting a support group for iphone addicts: apps anonymous. i'm especially addicted to hipstamatic.

all we need now is an iphone with a large sensor....

Leslie Jane Moran said...

I want to see those leggings! :) I am APP-ropiately dizzy with your apps addiction. Love it.

Anonymous said...

iPhone has such amazing photo apps... I love that photoforge one, I believe it's a paid app, but one of the best in terms of editing... It's very similar to photoshop... Well... As close as a phone could get to having photoshop hahahhaahahah
I'm glad I'm not the only one obsessed with iPhone's photo apps, I don't think I ever use my actual camera anymore because of the iPhone! (Great photos by the way!!!)

IM GIRL said...

Oh geeze i should have never looked here. I am my way to app land. Just got my iphone. I don't sleep as it is now...what am I thinking? oh heck who needs to sleep. Great photos!

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