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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So long, Dynamic View

Sometimes, having a blog is a big ol' frustration. I resumed blogging earlier this year after a too-long hiatus and one of my goals for this blog was to give it a whole new style. I thought it looked tired and stale. I was delighted when I discovered Blogger's Dynamic View templates and happily switched early last month.....the polaroid style of the Snapshot template appealed to me tremendously. It was different and fresh and new. Frankly, it looked great.

But looks aren't everything. Dynamic Views weren't so dynamic after all; the template turned out to be quite problematic, frequently not working as it should. At first, I thought it was a minor compatibility problem with Internet Explorer, but as friends and family kept having issues when using Firefox and Safari, I realized it was a bigger problem than I had thought.

What good is a blog if people can't view your posts? Or can't even leave a comment? No good, that's what. Absolutely no good.

So long, Dynamic View; adios and goodbye. I grabbed a screenshot before I did you in, to remind me of your good looks. Yes, you looked great, but beauty really is only skin deep.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Whoo Hooo! That's quite the change! Very BRIGHT! This is indeed a much easier format to comment. Love the new look.

Global Nomad said...

Was it this bug? About every 10th time the Dynamic views fail to load custom CSS and most parts of the user interface making it impossible for users to navigate the blog: Blogger Dynamic Views fail to load.

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