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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

And we're rollin'

First, before I get to the point of the post, a little musical interlude for your viewing -- and listening! -- enjoyment. Let's get rolling. I dare you to stay in your seat!

All righty then. I trust you're sufficiently sweaty after your dance workout (you were dancing along, weren't you?) to appreciate a break. Perhaps a snack? Perhaps some.....homemade dinner rolls?

Yup, homemade rolls. I've been busy today.

And you know what? They're SO easy. You can make them too. Really. If you're not a regular baker you'll probably need to go to the store for some yeast (I had bought a brand new jar just to make these rolls), but I bet you already have everything else you need.

I found this recipe because of my new addiction: Pinterest. I had shunned it for a long time but finally decided to see what all the fuss was about. I was immediately hooked. It's a wonderful way to "bookmark" all those recipes and art projects you find as you're surfing around the web. You can find me HERE -- I hope you'll have a look!

While browsing pins from other Pinterest users, I found a recipe that really intrigued me, One Hour Rolls. The original can be found from Jenny on What Is On Your Menu This Week -- where there's more than 100 comments on the blog post, showing that many others besides me have been intrigued. Please have a look, especially for the wonderful series of photographs Jenny provided for her readers. And, of course, for the recipe. I could have copied it here, but that seemed disrespectful -- it's her family recipe and I just think she should get the "clicks" for it.

I followed the recipe almost as written. I used an instant-read thermometer to ensure my warm water was at 110 degrees (F) and in Step 2, I did not add the salt directly into the yeast but added the salt after I had added two cups of flour. Call me a Nervous Nellie but I preferred not to take the chance, as I know salt can occasionally kill regular yeast.

I also think I made my rolls too big, as I only had 18, not 24. They needed 12 minutes in the oven, not 10, but that is likely due to their girth.

I had one as soon as they came out of the oven, ignoring my burning fingertips. Then I had another. Heaven! One of life's greatest pleasures is definitely fresh baked bread.

(I forgot to mention, when I posted this, that I also brushed the tops of the rolls with beaten egg just before they went into the them great colour!)


Sue Lau said...

Nice looking rolls, Lennie!

Joanne T Ferguson said...

G'day and lovely photo, TRUE!
Love recipes where there is a story or family related story behind them too!
Cheers! Joanne

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