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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Marching along

march 2010

Back in January, I promised a little digital goodie to everyone who responded to my One World One Heart post and left me an email address. When it came time to make good on that promise, it proved to be a bit problematic, as many folks didn't include email addresses in their comments. I was also truly overwhelmed by the number of comments I received! I worked my way through the comments as best I could and I apologize if I missed you.

This calendar page is the digital goodie I sent out. Now that March has arrived, I'm going to share this with everyone -- just click on the image or HERE to go to its Flickr page, where you can click on the "all sizes" link to download the size of your choice. Please feel free to use it as your wallpaper or perhaps even print it out to stick on your fridge or filing cabinet. I hope you like it!

I photographed these crocuses last spring out at the Guild Inn; I blogged about that day in my Finding Inspiration Close To Home post. The Inn is a photographic gold mine and I hope to return soon for another round of shooting!


Lost Aussie said...

Marvelous March!!

martha brown said...

Thanks for including Saturday -- I really missed my Saturdays in February... lol
This is wonderful!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

I am SOOOOO behind :)

Elizabeth Golden said...

This is fabulous!Thank you!

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