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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Creating textures from photos

texture experiment, warm

texture experiment, cool

Earlier this month, Jerry Jones over at ShadowHouse Creations published a texture tutorial highlighting his method for creating his marvellous textures. I finally took the time to put his ideas into practice for myself and I can certainly see how this could become addictive! His instructions are perfect for anyone like me who regularly takes photographs of textural objects like peeling paint, cracked concrete, torn paper, etc. So, if you're like me in that regard, give this a try!

The above two textures are the ones I created by combining several of my photos in one photoshop project and then playing with blending modes and opacity, as Jerry suggests. To download these two to use in your artwork, just click on each of the images above, which will whisk you away to their respective pages on Flickr. Click on the "all sizes" button above each image and then pick your size. Enjoy!

(Note: For some reason, the "all sizes" button for these wasn't showing up on Flickr. I've gone over all my settings there and it looks okay now. Sorry if that caused anyone a problem!)


Lost Aussie said...

Great textures Lennie, love to see how you use them!

Anonymous said...

This is actually pretty interesting, the idea of layering different parts of photos in order to produce a new texture... I would have never thought of doing that!!! I always end up just playing around with a picture, warping it, then applying a random filter and fiddling around with it until I find something I like.. But this is definitely a great idea to try out!

Anonymous said...

Oh no...something else to become addictive to! Your textures are great - I'll have to try it but must take a few shots first. Right now all I have is lichen! Love what you did to the bucket of flowers, too.

BTW, are you just visiting Toronto or are you there permanently?


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