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Monday, April 20, 2009

Finding inspiration close to home

Brrrr. It's a chilly, wet day here in Toronto; you could even call it gloomy. So different from just a few days ago, when it was warm and sunny, with brilliant blue skies that hinted at summer.

But I am not depressed. Instead, I'm tickled to see that the challenge this week at Moody Monday is inspiration, because a recent outing with the captain on one of those glorious days left me totally inspired.

On Friday, it was just too nice to stay home and so we ventured onto the grounds of the former Guild Inn -- once a stunning mansion, it became one of Toronto's finest hotels, also an artist colony of sorts. No longer a hotel, the building is boarded up and has fallen into terrible disrepair; a fire several months ago added insult to injury. But the grounds....oh, the grounds. For decades it has been a park of sorts, showcasing statuary and architectural fragments moved there from Toronto's downtown core when progress reared its head and old buildings were being torn down to make way for new, shiny steel towers.

I thought the captain and I would have the place to ourselves but instead there were older couples out strolling, dog walkers, and of course, a couple of other photographers. We spent only two hours there yet I managed to take more than 600 photos (!) and, amazingly, I didn't get to every area.

The above digital collage is an example of the inspiration I found there. And with so many wonderful images now stored on my hard drive, I look forward to many more happy hours of creation.

1 comment:

Lost Aussie said...

Such a lovely statue photograph Lennie! Your walk sounds like it netted some great pictures!

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