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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Quebec City, one more time

When I was in Quebec City, it was near the end of October. I took many seasonal photographs.....pumpkins, hallowe'en decorations, etc. It seems silly to share those photos now, when we are feeling festive rather than spooky, but I couldn't resist posting as least one of the pumpkin photographs.

I've been playing in photoshop today -- different filters, different textures, different edges, just experimenting -- and the results are what you see here. I shouldn't be sitting on my duff with so many holiday activities as yet undone (cookies to bake and presents to wrap being just two of several), but it was a dull day and I was uninspired to do anything else but sit.

Tomorrow, I will get cracking!

That last picture, the bicycle, was texturized using my own "texture 2" and "texture 3" from my freebies set on Flickr. If you like working with textures, please give them a try -- remember, it doesn't hurt to use more than one!


Leslie Jane Moran said...

I love the effect used on the harpist. I can hear the music. Lovely pictures, all.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! Good job!

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