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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Looking back at Quebec City

I've been trying to organize the images on my hard drive to make it easier to find certain items (in particular, digital embellishments like old text and vintage photos) and, in the process, I found myself looking through the photographs I took on my Quebec getaway back in October. I don't know how I ended up in that folder, but I did. And I then realized with a start that I shared photographs from Ottawa and Montreal here on my blog, then stopped. My bad. Time to correct that.

Quebec City is such a beautiful place and I took oodles of pictures there; these are but a few. Unlike Montreal, where we had almost no free time, we had several hours in Quebec City to ourselves, enabling me to wander about with my camera. The following photo of Les Délices d'Ariana (a restaurant serving Afghanistan cuisine), however, was taken from inside the bus shortly after we arrived in the city.

These two pictures were taken as I wandered.

Finally, our dinner in Quebec City was fabulous. We dined at Sous le Fort; Lori had been there before and was happy to see it was still there. She gave it a high recommendation and so in we all went. Her advice was spot-on -- our dinner was delicious. It's a small establishment and our party of 12 was divided, by necessity, to two tables of six. I'm not sure what the others dined on, but at our table three of us ordered salmon, while the other three, including me, enjoyed the duck confit. I would return -- both to Quebec City and to Sout le Fort -- in a heartbeat.


Irene said...

Great Photos, and the duck looks fabulous.

Leslie Jane Moran said...

When do we leave? My word verification is "tablec". That has got to be our location...Table "C" please.

Susan Williamson said...

I think what I love about your work is that it stirs something deep in my memory. It's not sentimental, but stirring as if I'm remember something important about myself that I'd forgotten. (I just wish I could explain it better than that.)

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