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Sunday, August 2, 2009

We're having a pity party

The life of a puppy is not all fun and games. Tippi was spayed last week -- the operation was a success but she does not understand why life didn't return to normal after she came home. She does not think her elizabethan collar is a daring fashion statement, she just thinks it's annoying and has already started the process of trying to chew it to bits. The edge that she can reach, that is.

She is also supposed to take it easy. Easy? Just try telling a six month old puppy not to play, I dare you. If she was a little girl instead of a little girl pup, we could rent lots of movies and do our best to chill out for a few days. Puppies do not want to chill out. They do not want to watch television. They want to run around and be a goof.

Sigh. Poor Tippi. Heck, poor us. It's going to be a long week.

1 comment:

Sue.D. said...

Tippi looks like she lost her best friend.Awwwwww poor sad looking Tippi. Just tell her "Better Day's Ahead" Once her tummy heals she will be back to her young self...
Kisses & Hugs to Tippi

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