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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spaced out

Is that not the coolest chair? The design is laser-cut out of the metal. I'd love to have these in my home. They're the visitor chairs in the lobby of the Astronaut Hall of Fame, part of the Kennedy Space Center complex. We were there earlier this week, touring the exhibits. It was fantastic. Photography is allowed so I had a blast taking many pictures, but this chair that caught my eye as we were leaving was one of my favourites. I've been trying to take advantage of the photo opportunities that come my way -- snapping colourful record albums in the DJ shop we checked out, for example. Even though this is such a familiar area for us, I'm delighted that I keep finding things to photograph that are new to me!

And speaking of space, we saw the rocket launch this evening, the one headed for the moon. That was quite a treat and makes up for the fact NASA has delayed the shuttle launch until July. We were all quite prepared to get up at the crack of dawn yesterday to watch the shuttle go off and it was disappointing the launch was scrubbed. But we did see the rocket go up and we may see another one next week!

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