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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's Tuesday, you know what that means

Eleven talisman trees. Eleven completed photoshop projects. Eleven is a nice number, a good solid number that's more than just a few. Eleven is substantial.

But I have decided on twelve. Yes, there will be one more talisman tree, one more to make the series an even dozen. But that tree, my friends, will not appear next Tuesday. Yes, for the first Tuesday in several weeks, my blog will not feature a talisman tree. The captain and I are currently preparing for a road trip and we will be off on another adventure next week. There will be time to blog throughout our journey, but I fear there won't be time to devote to talisman tree creation. I do not want to rush the last tree in the series, so I won't put that pressure on myself.

There's something else, too. I suspect the final tree is still out there somewhere, waiting for me to find it. So stay tuned, the series isn't over. Not quite yet.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Coincidentally 12 is my lucky number. I totally love this one,number 11. That background is amazing.

Have a fine trip and look through those car window frames for more trees!

irenka said...

I think you need to go back and tag each of your Talisman Tree posts. So at the end we can view them all in a click. Great Tree and happy trails. Why are travelling with a Captain?

Maybe you could have a screen in Nancy's garden expo and display all your great stuff. I just think you guys do such fab stuff the computer doesn't do it justice.

irenka said...

O.K. now I know why you call him the captain. thanks. But, now I'm hooked on your art too, so I'll be reading from the beginning. I'm baking cake balls for the expo in Nancy's garden. I've also been to your cooking blog oh such a lot to read so little time. but now that my son is done with school I have a little more computer time. You are amazing. And so young.

Lost Aussie said...

Lovely background with the tree! Glad you downloaded the PS brushes of my blog..have fun with them and hope you enjoy your trip!

Susan Williamson said...

This is magical looking up through the night trees when things are going well and you feel transformed.

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