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Friday, April 24, 2009

Brown is a colour too

This is just so funny. In my last post, I rambled on about colour -- and I even said, in no uncertain terms, that I don't live in a sepia world. So, what's the theme over at Photo Friday today? Brown. Aargh!

But to be fair, brown is a colour. Wood is brown, chocolate and coffee -- two of my favourite things -- are brown, tree bark can be brown, I even own a brown sweater. So I had a look at my recent photographs and this one (which I took during the outing I described in my last post) caught my eye. The brown "tree" you see in the centre is a light fixture; pretty cool, eh? A smaller version would look great in my living room.

You'll notice the guy on the left; I don't know if he's taking a picture of the young fellow taking a photograph, or is perhaps focused on something else. I like to think he's photographing the young fellow using the DSLR (I was impressed he's using a manual focus). And the young guy with the white baseball cap? I swear he's posing with a knife in his right hand. I didn't notice it at the time -- I was just amusing myself taking pictures of people taking pictures -- but I've zoomed in on my hi-res original, and it sure looks like a knife to me.

Life in the big smoke................

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