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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Yard sale booty

While I am not feeling 100% yet, one day of staying home was enough for me. We ventured out yesterday to get some groceries and grab a bite of lunch while we were out, and this morning we hit the local yard sales. Everyone knows I love "yard-sailing" and being on vacation only makes it more intriguing. Will I find local goodies that I wouldn't find at home? Only one way to find out: hit the streets and check out the sales.

The captain did a very cool thing for today's yard sale mission. He created a category in our GPS (we call her "Daisy") and then entered several addresses from the yard sale category in the local paper's classifieds. So, once in the car and ready to go, all we had to do was bring up the Garage Sale category and Daisy automatically sorted them by distance, with the closest one at the top of the list. Once we went to that one, we brought up the category again and once again we knew where the closest sale was, and how to drive there. It worked like a charm.

Above is a bit of the booty I bought today. A children's alphabet baking cookbook (L is for Lemon Squares, F is for Fudge Brownies, etc) put out in the 1990s by Gold Medal Flour: 25 cents. A book on identifying birds (with lots of colour illustrations) that I bought for collage, published in the 1950s: 25 cents. Two Disney beanies from "Alice in Wonderland" with their tags still attached, the Queen of Hearts (tag says $12 CDN) and TweedleDum/TweedleDee (tag says $18 CDN), both in excellent shape: one dollar each. A white Johnson Bros. ironstone dessert dish: ten cents. Snoopy at his typewriter (how perfect is that for me!): 25 cents. A holiday rubber ducky who lights up: the lady said, "no charge, just take it."

And then my favourite find. A set of eight Pyrex cups in the Butterfly Gold pattern from the 1970s along with their matching Corelle saucers: one dollar for all 16 pieces. Yes, one dollar for the entire set. Anyone who collects Pyrex like me knows what a score that is!

Also bought today but not photographed: a black plastic picture frame, about 7 inches or so in diameter, shaped like a jigsaw puzzle piece: 10 cents. And a coffee mug that reads "Operation Iraqi Freedom, Kuwait Naval Base": 25 cents.

I'd say today's yard sale mission was a success.


nancy said...

i'm missing spring and yard-sailing,
more smow today so enjoy it while you can!

Susan Williamson said...

For a moment I thought maybe I'd fallen asleep for a few weeks and then woke up to discover that it was spring and I had already missed several good yard sales! I must say you scored a goodly haul Lenore, so have fun with it.

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