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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Five whole weeks!

It's amazing but true: we left Toronto five weeks ago today, on a bone-chilling Thursday morning. Fast forward five weeks and here we are, lovely and warm. Blue skies, white puffy clouds, sunshine. Hard to believe we have to make our way home in just a few short days.

We have been driving around a lot and I have been taking what seems like a million photographs. Here are just three I captured yesterday. In particular, I couldn't get over the bar. I thought it was a broken-down, abandoned building. Nope. It was open. I wonder what the inside was like?


Gwen said...

Dang! I wish you had gone in! Great photo.

Susan Williamson said...

Great pictures! Last night I drew a parrot in my journal, and tonight I think I'll try drawing your vulture.

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