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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rainy night in Georgia

See those beautiful pansies? It's the last picture I took this afternoon before the rain came pouring down. It did later stop, but it started up again and it is indeed, as the song goes, a rainy night in Georgia. This is my fourth visit to this beautiful city and the first time I have ever experienced any rain here. That's a pretty good track record. And the captain and I certainly aren't complaining; a bit of a rainstorm is nothing compared to a blizzard, after all.

It was destined to be a rain day from the get-go. It was pouring when we left Macon this morning, although we did drive out of it on our way to Savannah. The sun came out and the rest of our drive across the state was beautiful. Well, boring -- interstate highways aren't all that attractive -- but the sun was lovely. We managed to get in a terrific lunch at Uncle Bubba's (the seafood restaurant run by Paula Deen's brother) -- and I did take many photographs -- before the afternoon showers started to fall. It turned out to be a seafood day, actually -- it's not often the captain and I have freshly caught shrimp for lunch and then end up having the same thing for dinner. Different restaurants, but basically the same meal. Our dinner was at Love's Seafood, another find from the Roadfood book. Both shrimp dinners were absolutely delicious and I am just mad at myself for not getting any pictures!

1 comment:

Jennifer H said...

I love Savannah. Wish I could go back again soon...

Have a great time!

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