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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Doing normal things

As I mentioned in my last post, this week was a week where I would HAVE to get into gear with regards to Christmas. And that’s what’s happened. Is it easy? No. Did I make progress this week, both with seasonal activities and my own physical and emotional wellbeing? Yes. Is my house now decorated for the holiday? Just a bit, not like normal. Are the captain and I feeling festive? No.

We put our Christmas tree up Tuesday night, and that was hard. Ever since our son was a little boy he has helped decorate the tree and even though he’s been a scrooge about it the past few years, it was odd decorating the tree without his help. He has his own tree now, although I bet his girlfriend did most of the decorating. But I already knew this Christmas the captain and I would be decorating the tree ourselves. What I wasn't prepared for was decorating without Terra underfoot. For the past 10 years we’ve had to step over Terra to do the tree -- she would always stretch out in spots where you’d have to step right over her to reach the tree. Tuesday night was difficult for me.

The shopping is thankfully about 99% complete now, with the wrapping still to come. I have always loved wrapping Christmas presents -- I always wanted one of those mall jobs where you get to wrap presents all day long -- so I’m hoping I’ll enjoy it once again.

And there was more sad news this week from our friend Sue -- she lost her Riley, suddenly and unexpectedly, two days ago. The circumstances were similar to Terra, too. In the morning, a happy and apparently healthy dog; in the evening, the news of aggressive and untreatable cancer. What a year.

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