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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Roaming around town

I just love a good walkabout with my friend and fellow shutterbug, Nancy. Back in June we roamed around a small area of Queen Street East known locally as Leslieville and yesterday we ventured to the western edge of downtown Toronto, exploring an area very familiar to both of us, a section of Queen Street West known as the Art & Design District. It is a creative neighbourhood, a quirky area, often seedy, a bit gritty -- all these things and more.

Our intent was to check out a particular art gallery. We found a great parking spot and since it was still early (the gallery's scheduled opening time was noon) we killed time the best way we knew. Cameras in hand, we wandered, did some shopping, found a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch. Then the day took a twist. We arrived at the gallery only to discover it was unexpectedly closed for the day.

But all things considered, that was just a small disappointment in what otherwise was a great day. I captured over 300 photographs, bought some new art supplies, discovered a couple of charming vintage shops. I even came home with a favourite of mine, custard tarts from a Portuguese bakery I spied less than a block from where we had parked. Hey, any day that includes a visit to a bakery is tops in my book!


nancy said...

Hey Len, love the pics, still going through mine, had a great time, thanks for lunch!! Where to next? Nancy

Susan Williamson said...

What could be better than eating or art? Glad you were able to take so many photos, and I enjoyed your montage.

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