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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A bargain at any price

I am a sucker for a farmers' market. I believe in farms, believe in supporting those who grow and produce our food. We are not beholden to corporations like Nestle or Kraft, they are beholden to the farmers. We would not have our food if it wasn't for those who care enough to stay in the farming business despite the tremendous obstacles they face. And so I will buy fruits and veggies at the farmers' markets I frequent, even if I do pay more than the grocery store offerings. "Farm fresh" is a bargain, to me, at any price. I get to talk to those who grew the food, chat with the lady who bakes the pies, take photographs of the yummy offerings. Ah, the photographs. The reason for the post.

Moody Monday's theme is "bargain" and I'm jumping at the opportunity to use a farmers' market photo to participate. I've written about the East Lynn Market before, which runs on Thursday afternoons here in east-end Toronto. If you live close, do stop by to buy.


Kristin said...

Farmers markets are fun. Too bad I don't need to visit them anymore, as I seem to have BECOME a farmer. Sort of.

noble pig said...

I have never seen a sign for just dug potatoes. As a Potato Ho, this tickles me to no end.

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