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Thursday, June 26, 2008


So I went to the local farmers' market this afternoon. It's a new one -- the East Lynn Farmers' Market, near Woodbine and Danforth for all my local loyal readers (hi, Nancy) -- and all participants have to certify that they are indeed farmers, not cheaters who buy their fruits and vegetables elsewhere and then pass them off as freshly picked. I bought tons of stuff -- fresh strawberries, hydroponic yellow tomatoes, the first cherries of the season, baby potatoes, and what you see pictured above. Fresh garlic. Sold by the bunch, like green onions/scallions. So what-the-bleep do I do with it?

Hey, I'm a foodie. I should know this stuff but damn it, I don't. Are the tops the infamous garlic scapes? But the garlic is attached, and I thought you cut off the scapes with the garlic still in the ground, to make the garlic grow. The garlic attached, btw, looks fab. And the tops? They're HUGE. I can't believe how long they are. So if they are scapes, how do I store 'em? For that matter, how do I store the garlic bulbs? I'm thinking the fridge; it's fresh garlic, almost like a fresh onion. Very cool. Should I cut the tops off? I'm thinking I will.

I should have asked the lady who sold the bunch to me, I know. That's what I get for being in a hurry. So if anyone has any ideas, both for storage and for cooking, I'm all ears.

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