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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Art every day

I am going public with a project I challenged myself with earlier this month. I call it art every day. Here's how it happened.

Somehow, I stumbled across the Aminus3 site, which offers free weblogs for photographers; they call them photoblogs. Cool, I thought. So I created my own photoblog. I could use the site to post photos for the various challenges I like, such as Photo Friday. That way, I wouldn't have to blog here when I participate. But I quickly realized I like to blog about the photos I post, so that didn't work. Moving on, I had a brainstorm. I decided to create my own challenge. Post art every day. Every single day, no excuses. So that's what I've been doing. Every day I post a photo or bit of artwork -- sometimes altered heavily in Photoshop, sometimes not.

You can see what I've been up to here. Above, for example, is what I posted for today, June 29th -- although you're probably not reading this on June 29th, since by my clock that day is almost over. So you're seeing something different.

If you've ever visited my Flickr site, you'll notice a few duplicates. I have been using my Aminus3 photoblog as a bit of a testing ground. If I decide I like what I've posted, I'll likely share it on my Flickr site too. And you'll notice art that you've seen here.

I can't lie, it's been both fun and a surprising challenge to make myself post something there every day. But now I've made myself accountable to everyone who pops by here, haven't I?


noble pig said...

Ahhh, where is that balcony looking out to?

me again said...

Noble Pig is right; identifying the hotel is a very good idea and I should have done that. So, here's a link to its site:

For a Florida getaway, I highly recommend it. It's a bit of a splurge -- well, it was for us -- but it's so, so worth it. The hotel is directly on the ocean and completely faces east, so you get an ocean view out every window. Lying in bed, playing with the bed's remote (it's a sleep-numbers bed and man-o-man, are they entertaining!), looking out through floor-to-ceiling windows, it's easy to imagine you're on some luxury cruise and not in a hotel room, 'cause all you see is ocean!

Mark Salinas said...

Nice picture. I will visit your Flickr site.

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