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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Let me tell you about worry. I know worry; we've living together right now. It sucks the life right out of you, if you let it. And the thing is, you know that worry isn't getting you anywhere, but still you can't stop it. It's a horrible feeling.

The Illlustration Friday topic this week is "worry", and it unfortunately is hitting home this week.

You see, my son is a DJ -- not the wedding type who takes requests but the type who performs at clubs -- and on Saturday night, the taxi that brought him home drove off with his record bag in the trunk. It's his lifeblood. Not only are all the record albums worth a small fortune, some of them were rare and will likely not be possible to replace. And he has taken years to build up his collection and in one moment, everything changed. The cab company was contacted right away but that didn't accomplish much.

As each day goes by the worry grows. Will it be turned in? Did someone see it in the trunk and take it? Why would they want it? Is it gone? Is it coming back? My stars, the worry. I feel so bad for him. It's hard to be the mother of a grown-up -- looking back, the childhood problems now seem so easy. It is so difficult to have someone you love go through something like this. You feel helpless because you can't make it right.

So the artwork reflects my mood -- dark, my emotions cracked. A window back on yesteryear. But I am trying to be optimistic, which I usually am, and think happy thoughts, trying to will this to have a happy ending. A lesson learned for sure, but let's just all hope that the worry will have been for naught.


Vhrsti said...

Really great work!

studio lolo said...

I can tell you that there are still a lot of good, good people in the world, so hopefully one of them will bring the albums back to your son. Nice collage!

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