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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Grab a tissue, you'll need it

I wish I knew how to post a YouTube video here. I have seen YouTube videos embedded at other people's blogs, but I don't know how they did it. And since I can't figure it out, the link is going to have to do.

The video clip is about sports, yes, but it's really about so much more than that. Sportsmanship. About young women who, for a brief shining moment, put aside the overwhelming focus on win!win!win! that afflicts sports today and simply did what was right. As athletes and as human beings.

I have a vague recollection of seeing a bit of this on the news, but I confess I wasn't really paying attention. U.S. women's college softball doesn't typically grab my attention. But as I was blogging around, I found a link to the YouTube video about this very event, and decided to watch. I am so glad I did. The video is very moving, hence the need for kleenex. If this doesn't illustrate sportsmanship at its best, I don't know what would.

Please watch the video. It'll make you feel good, I promise.


Krysta said...

Go to you tube and there is an embed code on the right hand side copy that code. now go to blogger and when you go to new post hit edit html and paste the code on that screen, go back to compose tab and type away.

me again said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm off to try it now.....

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