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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Grab a tissue, part two

A big shout-out of thanks to Krysta for her tip on embedding a YouTube video here in my blog. I learn something new every day! Please check out Evil Chef Mom, Krysta's wonderful blog -- I know you'll love it.

This video is about an important softball game between two rival teams that suddenly takes quite a turn. As I state in my previous entry, it is just so heartwarming. Youth sports has been a big part of our life since our son's first t-ball game, and he went on to play baseball, football and rugby at a high level. And even though our son is now all grown up, my hubby still finds time to coach sports at our local high school. I have experienced first-hand how competitive it all can be, and for these young athletes to set aside that attitude is just such a hopeful and positive sign. A real feel-good story.

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