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Saturday, May 10, 2008

The devil's in the details

Today's the day. Evil Chef Mom is hosting a virtual potluck and I've decided to bring devilled eggs. What's a party without stuffed eggs, right? C'mon ... try one. You know you love these retro babies.

So, without further ado, I present -- Zesty Devilled Eggs! Here's the recipe:

Zesty Devilled Eggs

6 hard-boiled eggs (cooled, peeled, and halved)
3 tbsp mayonnaise
1 tbsp ballpark (yellow) mustard
1 tsp sweet pickle relish
1 heaping tsp horseradish (or more if you dare)
salt and pepper, to season to taste

paprika for prettiness

After you cut the hard-boiled eggs in half, plop the yolks into a mixing bowl and add remaining ingredients excepting the paprika. And a note on the pickle relish -- it can sometimes be chunky; you don't want that, you want a relish that's smoother. Well,
I don't want that. If you're good with the big bits, then more power to you.

Anyhoo, mash up the yolks along with the other filling ingredients. Taste. Add a wee bit more mayo if it doesn't taste and/or look creamy enough. Then you can go all fancy-schmancy and put the yolk mixture into a piping bag and fill the egg whites, or just use a teaspoon and hope for the best. Sprinkle paprika on top 'cause you can. And chill until serving time.

And that's typically what I do. But if the mixture is too soft -- as it was when I filled the eggs and then took their picture (see above) -- don't do as I did and let impatience take over. It really is best to chill the yolk mixture first in those circumstances, before you fill the egg whites.

If you're feeding a crowd, just hard-boil as many eggs as you think you need and increase the filling ingredients proportionately. This recipe makes 12, which likely won't last too long around a crowd. Especially a crowd with lots of men. Why do men like devilled eggs so much?

Oh, and I can't let this go without a brief word on hard-boiling eggs. It seems everyone and their aunt has a different opinion on how to do this, so I shall add to the information-overload and mention how I do it: get out pot; put in eggs; cover with tap water; put on high heat and bring to boil; let boil for only one minute; turn off heat and remove pot from burner; place lid on pot; set timer to 20 minutes; after timer dings, place eggs in bowl in sink and run cold water over them; let sit in cold water, changing a few times if needed, until eggs are cool enough to touch; peel 'em. And always remember that really fresh eggs are a bugger to peel.

So let me find a spot on the table for my platter and we're good!


lcsa99 said...

Those came out beautiful! A great addition to the party!

melissa said...

these look great. like ECM's husband, mine is a huge fan of deviled eggs. and even better, these are *exactly* how we make them, which is cool cause so many people add a host of other ingredients. we love them this way!

Mayberry Magpie said...

I can eat five of these babies without even looking up. It's not a special occasion in Mayberry without deviled eggs.

Mayberry Magpie

Krysta said...

Thanks to you my house is stinky, but the hubby is happy and that's always good. Thank You!

ScrapGirls Ro said...

This is me, my head down on my desk, pounding my hand saying, "Why... oh... why... oh.. why did you have to visit Lennie's blog when you were so hungry???"

This picture has me drooling all over the monitor. My mom makes these. I use to make them. I think I need to go in my kitchen and make some right now. I'm having a Devil's Egg moment.

Fun blog, by the way. I'm glad I came by to visit!



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