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Friday, March 22, 2013

Out of thousands, let's start with one

The captain and I have been home now for almost two weeks. How can it seem that we have been back forever yet also seem like we just got home? The mind, it plays tricks.

I took a lot of photographs while we were away. Not counting iPhone pictures, the tally is well over 4,000. Yikes.

Here is one of them, taken on Day Two of our roadtrip south -- we drove by Carl's in Fredericksburg, Virginia, on a gloomy and damp January morning. It wasn't open, we were about three weeks too early. Our loss. Ice cream for breakfast is a grand idea.

Since returning home, I have taken a leap of faith with Adobe and signed up for Creative Cloud. As I am used to Photoshop CS4, there is much in CS6 that is new to me. Adobe introduced its Content-Aware feature in CS5, about three years ago -- but I am late to the party and so have just begun to play with it. I have by no means mastered it, but it is fun and I've been doing a lot of monkeying about with my photos. Above, the photo of Carl's sign with all the wires; below, you'll see that some of them have been removed, thanks to Content-Aware Fill. I have to admit...while patience was required, it was pretty darn easy.



Lost Aussie said...

Glad you had a good trip. Have you been to see Nancy?
Adobe Cloud is just great and I am sure you will have fun with all the new features of CS6. Their best version yet I think.

{katebydesign} said...

Carl's!! My favorite place in the world for ice cream! How awesome and random that you passed through Fredericksburg on your trip.

I've been using CS5 since it released, but I'm a latecomer to the "content aware" party. Even though I had heard lots about it, I never played with it until a couple weeks ago. What a gem! :)

Leslie Jane Moran said...

E gads! I feel another class coming on!:)

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